Internship opportunities

We've stopped running intern fairs for the time being. We're instead passing on details of available internships to our list of students and graduates seeking internships.

Register as follows:

  • Employers (companies, SMEs or other organisations seeking interns): Send a document describing the opportunity to specifying at least:

  • - Details of the opportunity

    - Any constraints re the student or graduate you're seeking

    - Whether paid or voluntary

    - Contact email or phone number

  • Potential interns (graduates or students seeking internships): Register at

Internships are a win-win arrangement. The business or organisation gains valuable help, knowledge and experience, e.g. in social media and marketing, not otherwise available to the business. The intern gains valuable experience, a record on their CV and references that all make a big difference to their ability to gain full-time employment on graduation.

Businesses or organisations pay Abicord an admin fee of £95.00 on successful recruitment.

Internships can be paid or voluntary. Voluntary internships must follow legal requirements for exemption from minimum wage legislation, giving the intern significant flexibility in hours worked, role and term of the internship.

All expenses should normally be paid. Some employers also pay commissions on business generated.

At the employer's option, interns can work on site or from home. If from home, communications with owner/managers or each other can be on line, by email and phone and/or periodic face-to-face meetings.

Abicord can provide businesses and organisations with advice (included in the admin fee) on recruitment, employment processes and regulations, and a pro-former engagement letter for voluntary internships satisfying relevant regulations. (Abicord employs several interns with skills in areas such as marketing, social media, events, projects and business development).