The most effective and sustainable programme available anywhere. Our sustained success rate is significantly more than 90%.

  • One year money-back guarantee for achieving your goal and sustaining it
  • Achieve and sustain your weight loss goal with the help of a powerful combination of Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT), Acceptance-Action Training (AAT), Coaching and Nutrition
  • You may have tried before and not succeeded. This time you will succeed, that's guaranteed
  • You may have lost weight and bounced right back. This time it will be sustained, that's guaranteed
  • Go for gold: get healthy, increase your vitality, enhance your appearance

Why is this combination of approaches so successful?

  • CBT addresses your conscious thoughts and behaviour

  • AAT provides the skills needed to deal with feelings, cravings and any other challenges and ensures you maintain progress

  • Coaching provides the motivation

One-to-one sessions with Graham W Price:

  • Initial 3 hour consultation
  • Regular follow-up support

This is the most powerful and effective treatment available anywhere. It's an empowering experience you can apply to any challenge in your life.

Click here to see a 3 minute video of Graham W Price talking about how we can give such a strong guarantee.

Click here to see a 5 minute video of Graham in a session with a journalist client who filmed it for his web-based magazine

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Our Practice:

  • Abicord's practice is based in Central London and Surrey (Leatherhead). We can also visit you at an additional fee or can provide treatment by phone (calls to landlines are free) or internet (Skype).
  • Our coaches are highly qualified chartered psychologists, CBT, AAT, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners and personal & executive coaches.
  • If you'd like to see Graham in person, you can read more about him here.
  • We offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions.
  • An initial brief consultation is available at no charge if requested (usually by phone).
  • Any other issues can be dealt with in separate sessions. Click here.

Cost options:

  • £395.00 up front. Then £45.00 per week for ongoing support for 20 weeks. No more than 20 weeks of support is paid even if more support is needed to reach the goal (total £1,295.00) ... OR:
  • £695.00 up front. Then £23.00 per week for 20 weeks (total £1,155.00) ... OR:
  • A single up front payment of £995.00

One year 80% money-back guarantee for achieving your goal and sustaining it ... applies after 20 weeks of regular support following either the one-time payment of £995.00 or 20 weeks of regular payments.

In any event, the cost will be recovered on food-related savings.

Regular phone or internet-based support as needed is included in the price. Face-to-face follow-up sessions are available if needed (they shouldn't be needed).

Contact us via the contact page or call 0207 858 2241 or e-mail


"It's a dream come true. I haven't just lost the weight I wanted to lose, but I've every confidence, this time, I'll keep it off", Mary Spencer

"I still can't believe how easy it was to achieve this elusive goal", Martine Dione

"Now I've achieved my goal, there's no stopping me", Paula Fitzgerald